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Jing Xu's Bell story

The Bell Team
Written by the Bell Team

A desire to travel the world brought Jing Xu to Bell to improve her English.

Read about her time with us and her tips for supporting her language learning

Looking to improve her English, Jing Xu came to Bell on the recommendation of a friend who lived in England.

Her desire to improve her English came from wanting to get a good job in the future and also to be able to communicate with visitors to her home country, Shanghai. A traveller herself, she wants to ‘travel around the world in the future, which is why I learnt English’.

Jing Xu joined Bell originally for four months to improve her English but plans to return again later in the year to study on Bell’s IELTS Exam Preparation course. ‘I want to study a master’s degree in the UK’, more specifically at Reading University. ‘I need a high IELTS [score] may be 7’.

Her English has already improved during the few months she has studied at Bell ‘everybody says “you can speak very well now”’. She credits not only Bell’s teachers – ‘every teacher is very kind, and very nice, they have given me a lot of help…and gave me more confidence’, but also the friends she’s made since being at Bell – ‘I’m so happy I made a lot of friends’.

‘I’ve met a lot of people from around the world – Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, France – they always tell me to come to my country. It’s very, very friendly’.

Jing Xu also supported her learning at school by watching English films, reading the news in English and listening to English music – really immersing herself in English.

Living with a host family also helped, speaking each night with her hosts about her day.

And, let’s not forget Bell’s Language in Action programme, ‘there are a lot of activities, so you can enjoy and practice speaking English while doing different things’.

The Bell Team
Written by the Bell Team,
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