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Feedback from our Young Learner online courses

The Bell Team
Written by the Bell Team
Young learner doing online course

After launching our first online Explorer programme for 11-17 year olds in Spring earlier this year, we are delighted by the incredibly positive student feedback we received and can’t wait to kick off our online Summer Explorer programme later this month.

Our online young learner courses, like our face-to-face courses, are designed around project-based learning. This approach aims to not only give students ownership over their learning, but it also incorporates vital 21st century life skills, like critical thinking, collaboration and communication, which our students can take into their future personal and professional lives. Project-based learning has also been proven to improve the engagement, motivation and enjoyment from younger learners. We’re delighted that 100% of our students agreed, and said that their lessons and activities were interesting, useful and varied.

All of our students enjoyed collaborating with their classmates during project work, and an incredible 86% of our students said they will keep in touch with others from the course – a great way to keep practising their English!

Young Learner
Spring Explorer (Online)
I have a fun time learning online with Bell. I hope to attend more Bell courses in the future.
YL student
YL Online Course
I have learned a lot of new vocabulary, met new people, and my teacher is so nice and kind. I feel more confident with my English!

Just like our on face-to-face courses we pride ourselves on making our students feel safe, and our online courses are no different: 100% of our online students said their teacher was welcoming and friendly and helped them to feel safe and comfortable to speak during the class.

So, even with these fantastic results, one question is still unanswered – did the students improve their English? We are incredibly proud that even after just one week, every student said their English had improved and they felt more confident in their speaking skills. And what’s more, all students would like to join another course at Bell in the future.

See the results for yourself this summer by joining our online Summer Explorer course starting 31 May 2021. Can’t start then? No problem, students can join any Monday up to 20 August 2021.

The Bell Team
Written by the Bell Team,
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