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Bell teachers visit Chile to observe past teacher trainees

Written by the Bell Team

Two of our Bell teachers visited Chile to observe how effectively our student teacher trainees put their learning into practice.

Earlier this year we welcomed a group of teachers from Chile on a closed group teacher training course. 

It’s important to us at Bell that we continue to support our students once they return to their schools – because the learning never stops! That’s why two of our teachers from Bell – Chris Edgoose and Anna Young – visited their students in Chile to observe how they are putting this learning into practice.

Following this tour of observation, Chris and Anna will produce a report and feedback to the teachers to help enhance their student’s teaching technique even further and ultimately strengthen the impact of learning for their students.

Bell has been working with the University of Talca and Studytours in Chile to co-ordinate the teacher group’s course in the UK, as well as our return visit to Chile. It has been an exciting partnership that has already seen some fantastic impact on education through collaborative working. 


Bell's Chris Edgoose with teacher and students in Chile after observation

Written by the Bell Team,
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