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The Bell Florists

Written by the Bell Team

Students develop their flower arranging skills and learn some flower-themed vocabulary along the way.

Spring has finally arrived in Cambridge! The flowers are coming out and there is green on the trees again. Feeling inspired by the blossoming of the new season, we ran a flower arranging workshop with our students.

A range of flowers were brought and arranged on the tables for the students to have a look at. They were given information about all the flowers they could see and how best to arrange them. This meant knowing what colours complement each other, and making sure the bouquet had a variety of colour and different sized flowers. We also spoke about the different occasions that we may receive flowers.

A demonstration was given about how to arrange and wrap the flowers with a choice of tissue paper. Once this was done the group were ready to make their own. The students soon got into arranging their flowers and soon there was a competitive feel in the room. A range of bouquets were made and the students enjoyed this new activity at Bell.


Bell Cambridge. Social Programme. Flower Arranging.

Our students with their finished bouquets


Learning outcomes

By the end of the workshop our students had:

  • met, socialised and communicated with new friends
  • cooperated with Bell staff and students
  • learnt about different flowers in the UK
  • learnt or developed a new artistic skill
  • learnt new and specific vocabulary
  • produced a bouquet to either take home or leave at Bell for us to display.

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Written by the Bell Team,
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