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Bell achieves excellence in British Council report

The Bell Team
Written by the Bell Team

Following our British Council inspection this summer, we are proud to announce Bell has officially been awarded 14 out of 15 strengths for our Young Learner multi-centres. 

Students working on a task together

Catrin Diamantino, Chief Executive at Bell comments: ‘This is a fantastic achievement for Bell and our Young Learner team. Education is at the heart of everything we do at Bell and this result further supports Bell’s position as a market-leading English language educator dedicated to student welfare’  

Noted areas of strength included course design, welfare and student services and quality management, as well as teaching and learning. 

Our high level of safeguarding featured prominently in the report, saying that ‘there is a comprehensive safeguarding policy and procedure in place, which has benefitted from expert input’. 

Among the range of strengths noted, it was clear that the use of The Bell Way across the full Young Learner programme has ensured a high-quality learning experience.  The Bell Way is made of six core principles and was developed alongside an Emeritus Professor from the University of Cambridge. It underpins the design of each programme at Bell. 

The inspection report brought many of these principles to the fore. ‘Learning everywhere’ – referring to immersive learning inside and outside the classroom. Lesson plans included varied sets of activities with clear links to the outcome of project work. Activity staff are given training to introduce new vocabulary into activities on study tours and in the afternoon electives. Additionally, study tours are considered central to a student’s learning experience – with clear tasks set before, during and after each tour. 

It was also noted that ‘activities and materials were relevant to the age group and to the range of cultural backgrounds of the students and there were opportunities for personalisation’ demonstrating our commitment to personalised learning. 

This latest inspection report adds to the already successful track record at Bell, having achieved 14 out of 15 strengths at our year-round Cambridge school in June 2018. 

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The Bell Team
Written by the Bell Team,
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