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Meet the team

Bell is the sum of smart, talented and incredibly passionate people.

Meet the team responsible for making transformational student learning experiences possible.

Vic Richardson

Teacher Trainer

With years of experience in education and EFL, Vic runs courses and workshops on teaching methodology.

Adrian Underhill

Teacher Trainer

Adrian is an internationally renowned ELT consultant, trainer, speaker and author, known for his expertise in teaching pronunciation.

Kristina Smith

Teacher Trainer

Kristina joined Bell in 2017, and has been working in education for almost 30 years as a teacher, administrator and teacher educator.

Katy Kelly

Teacher Trainer

Katy is a highly-experienced teacher and teacher trainer leading methodology and other customised training in many parts of the world.

Amanda Thomas

Operations Coordinator

Amanda is a multilingual speaker and has a TEFL qualification. With her experience in the education sector, she helps to ensure students have a safe and great time at Bell.

Anna Ivanova

Operations Coordinator

Anna draws from her experience as an ESL teacher, and founding a bilingual school in Ukraine, to deliver high quality education at Bell.

Phaedra Marianna McCallum

Recruitment Co-Ordinator

With 16 years of TEFL experience, Phaedra is more than accustomed to the world of English learning. She has taught English across the Middle East, Italy, and the UK in a variety of contexts and for different purposes.

Ayumi Yoshida-Eggett

Enrichment Programme Coordinator

Ayumi is a certified educational globetrotter, working and volunteering in various schools across Japan, Nepal, Korea, New Zealand, and the UK. Not to mention her homestay experiences in Australia and Canada.

Sarah Pettit

University Counselling Manager

With experience in international student recruitment at UK universities, Sarah has been advising Bell students on higher education for over eight years.

Jane Martin

Jane Martin

Student Services Manager

A qualified therapist and self-confessed foodie, Jane supports students throughout their experience at Bell and helps them with any concerns.

Isobel Clarke

Head of Latin America

A fluent Spanish speaker, Isobel oversees our business development across Latin America, Turkey and Israel.

Maria Pia Salcito

Head of Europe

Maria Pia (or 'MP' as she likes to be known) oversees our Europe market. With nearly 18 years at Bell, she has become well renowned in the industry.