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Meet the team

Bell is the sum of smart, talented and incredibly passionate people.

Meet the team responsible for making transformational student learning experiences possible.

Jonathan Marks

Delta Tutor

Jonathan is a teacher trainer, translator and author, whose publications include English Pronunciation in Use Elementary (CUP) and The Book of Pronunciation (Delta).

Chris Ożóg

Delta Tutor

Chris is an experienced teacher, teacher trainer and ELT writer, with nearly 15 years of experience working in the English Language Teaching (ELT) industry.

Alastair Douglas

Delta Tutor

Alastair is a highly-experienced CELTA assessor, Delta module 2 assessor and module 3 marker and has previously been an IELTS examiner.

James Savery

Delta Tutor

James has worked in English Language Teaching since 1989, in such countries as Portugal, Italy, Thailand and Bolivia.

Tom Beakes

Academic Manager

DELTA qualified, Tom oversees all our teacher training, quality assurance programmes and overseas projects.

Anna Young

Advanced Practitioner

A CELTA and DELTA qualified language teacher, Anna has over 25 years of teaching experience in the EFL sector.

Anna Evans

Teacher and Teacher trainer

As a CELTA and DELTA qualified teacher, Anna has been teaching students a variety of English language courses for over 12 years.

Françoise Votocek

Teacher and Teacher trainer

Françoise has been working at Bell for 23 years. She is a DELTA qualified teacher trainer and is a highly-respected CELTA main course tutor at Bell.

Clare Henderson

Teacher and Teacher trainer

As a CELTA and Delta qualified teacher and teacher trainer, Clare has gained extensive experience in her EFL career.

Brian Hart

Teacher and Teacher trainer

Brian is a DELTA qualified teacher and teacher trainer. He joined our team in 2003 and has become one our specialist teachers.

Anne Matthews

Teacher mentor

Anne applies over 35 years of teaching experience to our classrooms at Bell Cambridge.

Andy Hockley

Academic Director of Bell Teacher Academy and Teacher Trainer

Andy has been involved in ELT for over 30 years, living in 11 countries and training and working in many more.