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Françoise Votocek

Teacher and Teacher trainer

Teacher & Teacher Trainer

Françoise Votocek

Françoise has been working at Bell for 23 years, having started teaching at our school in Bath and since moved to Bell Cambridge.

She graduated from the Sorbonne in Paris where she majored in the English language, British literature and civilisation.

Françoise’ extensive work experience in Europe and the USA, in the non-profit sector, leading education exchange programmes, gave her insider’s insight into how the educational industry works.

After switching her career path to teaching English as a foreign language (in 1994) Françoise spent two years in Lanzhou, China, where she taught English to Masters- and PhD-level students at Gansu Agricultural University.

Françoise is a DELTA-qualified teacher trainer and is a highly-respected CELTA main course tutor, with her unique style and personality. Her ample experience in teaching all levels of language students, including exam classes (FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS), her contribution to the Bell Teacher Academy and her commitment to her students, places her among the best of Bell’s ELT experts.

Over the years, Françoise has been representing Bell at numerous IATEFL conferences both as participant and speaker.