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About Bell

At Bell, we believe that English is more than a language. It's a stepping stone that will help you achieve your dreams.

For over 60 years, we have provided unforgettable learning experiences to students and teachers from around the world, transforming the lives of over one million people.

Through our teaching approach, The Bell Way, we encourage you to aim high, exceed your learning goals and become a confident user of the English language.

Frank Bell

One man’s vision

Bell was founded by Frank Bell, a University of Cambridge graduate, with a love of languages and a vision to promote intercultural understanding through language education.

Frank’s inspiration came from his time as a prisoner of war during the Second World War. In the harsh conditions of the camp, he taught his fellow prisoners Spanish and French, a simple act of defiance that quickly led to the creation of a secret university which taught a broad range of subjects.

Bell students

After the war, Frank Bell returned to England where, reflecting on his experiences, he became convinced that the route to international co-operation and understanding lay in learning. This led him, in 1955, to open his first language school in Cambridge, which still operates today.

Since then, Bell has grown from one prestigious English language school in Cambridge to an internationally recognised, high-quality education business which unlocks the world for its students through learning English and learning in English.

The Bell Foundation logo

The Bell Educational Trust

In 1972, Frank Bell established The Bell Educational Trust, founded on the belief of promoting intercultural understanding through language education.

Established in 2012, The Bell Foundation, part of The Bell Educational Trust, plans to continue this vision by working to overcome exclusion through language education.

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