Here at Bell, we believe that wherever you want to go in life, the global language of English will help you get there. Since 1955, we have transformed the lives of over one million students by teaching them the skills to communicate in English. With our wide range of courses, you can choose to improve your English for socialising, university and work, or prepare for an internationally-recognised exam such as IELTS or the Cambridge English suite of exams. Live and learn in either the world-class university city of Cambridge or London, the UK's vibrant capital city.


"I want to communicate better in English"

Develop your English communication skills with our intensive English courses.

"I want to study for exam success"

Improve your exam technique and prepare for the internationally-recognised IELTS and Cambridge English exams.

"I want to develop my English skills for work"

Become confident and successful using English at work with our Business English courses.


Create your ideal course with a combination of modules to develop your learning both in and outside of the classroom.

Live and Learn in Cambridge Live and learn in London


VideoLearning resources, blogs and videos to help you with your English language studies.


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